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3 Ways To Care For Your Knee Brace

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A knee brace supports your knee in weak spots. Many people, including athletes, wear knee braces after a knee injury. If your chiropractor has prescribed a knee brace, you will need to care for it. This care entails ensuring that the plastic, elastic, and metal parts of the knee brace remains in great condition during its wear. Here are three ways to care for your knee brace.

Proper Placement

Make sure that you're following your chiropractor's instruction on using the knee brace. If you need a demonstration on how to put on and position your knee brace, contact your chiropractor. There is a proper way to wear a knee brace and you should know this before you start wearing the knee brace.

When you put on your knee brace, ensure that you have the hinges placed where your knee bends. These hinges are designed to move with your knee, not against it. Secure the tapes and straps of the knee brace so that it feels comfortable. When you are exercising, check your knee brace regularly to make sure that it hasn't shifted. Ensuring proper positioning of your knee brace will give it a long lifespan. For example, if the hinges of your knee brace are not properly positioned, they will be moving in ways that they were not designed to move.

Cleaning Your Knee Brace

Before cleaning your knee brace, cover the metal parts with material such as aluminum foil or plastic wrap. This will protect it from rust when you're cleaning the rest of the brace. To clean the fabric of your knee brace, use soap and water. Sponge the soap and water on the fabric parts and let them dry. When the knee brace is dry, remove the material that you used to protect the metal parts of the knee brace.

Check Your Knee Brace For Wear And Tear

Make sure that you regularly check your knee brace for wear and tear. A knee brace that is excessively worn will not provide you with the same health benefits as one that isn't. When you notice that your knee brace is excessively worn, contact your chiropractor for a replacement.

A knee brace is a great way to support your knee especially during physical activity. You'll get the most use out of your knee braced by following the preceding three tips for its care. If you need additional care instructions, contact your chiropractor.

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