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Exercises And Treatments To Improve Your Eyes

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Cutting-edge research is driving the quest to help patients to improve their eyesight. Even though some of these techniques are still being studied by scientists, they will not harm you and if you are looking for a natural way to correct your eyesight, there is no reason not to try them.


One exercise you should try to improve your vision is palming. This is the act of closing your eyes and covering them with the palms of your hands. Then, you must cross the fingers on one hand with the fingers of the other across your forehead. This will cause you to see complete blackness, which is a state of relaxation. If you do not see complete blackness, this is a sign that you are under too much stress. Try to think of a relaxing thought or use deep breathing exercises until you can bring yourself to a state of calmness. This is the state you should keep yourself in to help your eyes recover.

Hot and Cold Rags

If you still have a difficult time relaxing your eyes, try alternating between hot and cold compresses. Place a hot rag over your eyes for a few minutes. Then, try placing a cold rag over your eyes.


The swinging exercise involves rotating your head and body to the left. While doing so, place most of your weight on your left foot and lift your right foot slightly off the ground. While doing this, keep your shoulders and neck straight. Then, swing to the opposite side.

20, 20, 20

Remember 20, 20, 20. Find an object every 20 minutes that is about 20 feet away. Focus on this object for 20 seconds. This practice is not only good for your eyes, but will make them feel better. Then, stick your thumb in front of you and focus on it for five seconds. Follow this up by focusing on something behind it for five seconds.

Blinking Frequently

Pay close attention to whether you blink frequently. A lot of individuals, especially those who spend a lot of time on the computer, do not blink enough. Therefore, you should periodically blink consciously to keep your eyes lubricated.


If your eyes are sensitive to light, you should attempt a process known as sunning. Make sure your eyes are completely closed and sit in the sunlight. By letting the sunlight penetrate your eyelids, you can help sooth your eyes. While doing this, rotate your head from side to side and do not squint.

Also, visit an optometrist, such as Absolute Vision Care, to ensure your eyes don't need any professional care.