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Two Famous Denture Wearers Who Helped Shape Our History

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Wearing dentures may seem to be a thoroughly modern problem reserved for the sugar lovers of the last few decades. However, the use of false teeth dates back hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of years. In fact, some of the well-known men and women who took part in shaping our history wore dentures. While it is common knowledge that George Washington owned a set of false teeth, as did his wife, Martha, you may not know that several key historical figures also shared the need for false teeth. 

Carry Nation

Few people wouldn't recognize the name of the famous prohibitionist, Carry Nation. Widely known as the lady who was adamantly against alcohol and liquor, and as a result, smashed saloons with a hatchet at the turn of the last century, Nation had her share of run-ins with the law and saloon owners alike. Believed to have been a denture wearer, Nation was reportedly thrown so harshly from a saloon that her dentures were shoved down her throat, nearly choking her. Many years later, a trunk full of Nation's personal items was found in her niece's home. Included in the trunk was a set of dentures thought to have belonged to Carry Nation.

Winston Churchill

You may recognize the name as one of Britain's most famous Prime Ministers, but you may not know about Winston Churchill's secret weapon in the fight for his country during World War II. Battling a long history of dental problems as well as a speech impediment, Churchill, by sheer determination coupled with hours of practice, overcame his speech problems. However, recognizing that his war torn countrymen had become accustomed to hearing his voice with vocal difficulties intact, Churchill had a set of dentures specially made to restore his speech impediment, therefore making his voice more recognizable. Reportedly, Churchill's temper often sent his dentures flying across the room. As a result, his dentist was spared from serving in the war so he could be available to repair perhaps the most important pair of political dentures in history.

Dentures are likely far more popular among the population today than they were when Carry Nation was wielding her hatchet and Prime Minister Churchill was boosting the morale of his fellow citizens. In our modern world, technology allows your denture choices to range from removable dentures to denture implants. However, if you are one of the many denture wearers today, you can rest assured that you are joining some of the most famous names in history. Talk to your local dental experts, such as Bellingham Denture Clinic, for more information.