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How To Get Great Home Healthcare

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Are you having to plan at home healthcare for elderly parents? Even though you might live close by, perhaps the time has come when you are concerned about leaving your parents by themselves for long periods of time. If so, you can be sure that at home health care will provide loving and constant service to your parents.

Make Your Own Assessment - As you visit in your parent's home, quietly assess what their needs are. Do they need twenty-four hour supervision? Perhaps you feel that what is needed is just a few hours during the day. Do medications need to be administered to make sure they are taken properly? Are your parents still able to make meals for themselves? Do you see your parents being bored or depressed? Try to get your parents to have a frank discussion with you about what they need at this point in their lives. 

Establishing Home Care Assistance - Once you have decided exactly what your parent's needs are, then you can better communicate that to the home care agency. Be sure to have copies of all contracts, including the monthly fees for the service. Find out if insurance will cover all or part of the home healthcare. Select a service that is licensed and that will provide recommendations from other clients.

What To Expect From Your Home Healthcare Workers - If you've done your homework and you've selected the right agency, you can be sure that your parents will receive beautiful care. The workers will provide appropriate meals, give medication, help with personal needs, if needed, and even do light housekeeping. Here are some steps you can take to make this service be the best ever.

  • Get your parents to open up. Does your dad love a walk during the day? Then the healthcare worker can accompany him. 
  • What about favorite pastimes? If there are special television shows your parents watch, be sure to communicate that information.
  • What about hobbies? The home care assistant can be sure that a puzzle is set out, card games or board games are out, or your parent's favorite music can be played.
  • Do your parents have a dog? Be sure that the home healthcare worker is willing to have one in the house, and to let it out and walk it. This can be a big deal, so make sure that everything is settled before service has started.