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Dispelling Myths About Reconstructive Surgery

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It is an unfortunate fact of life that there are many injuries and diseases that can result in both permanent disfigurements and functional problems. Luckily, medical procedures have been developed to help individuals correct many of these issues. Yet, reconstructive surgery is not an area of medicine that most people have much experience needing, and if this is true with your situation, you may be making the mistake of believing a couple of myths about these life changing procedures. 

Myth: Cosmetic And Reconstructive Surgery Are The Same

A common misconception about reconstructive surgery is that it is no different than most cosmetic procedures. While it is true that both of these branches of medicine can dramatically transform a person's appearance, there is an important distinction between them. 

While reconstructive surgery is often used to correct cosmetic problems, there is also usually an emphasis on restoring functionality. This is in stark contrast to purely cosmetic procedures that only focus on the patient's final appearance. For example, a person that has sustained major damage to their face may need work done to the jaw to allow it to open and close while also helping to restore the patient's original appearance. 

Myth: Insurance Will Never Pay For Reconstructive Procedures

Another common belief about reconstructive surgery is that it must always be paid out of pocket by the patient. This belief stems from the confusion between cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, and luckily, it may be false depending on your insurance carrier and the needed procedure. 

Many policies will cover some or most of the costs of these procedures if they are deemed medically necessary by your attending physician. Most often, the determining factor on the necessity of the procedure will depend on the amount of impairment or risk of complications that it can cause. Unfortunately, there is a chance that your insurance may deny your claim even if it is deemed necessary. If this is the case, you may be able to challenge the ruling by retaining the services of an attorney. 

When your appearance or mobility is compromised by an injury or disease, it may be necessary for you to seek the services of an experienced reconstructive surgeon. However, this is a service that most people will never need, and as a result, when someone needs it there is a strong chance that they do not know much about these procedures. By exposing these common misconceptions, you will be better able to make an informed decision about whether you need to undergo reconstructive surgery for your condition. For more information, contact a surgeon such as Gatti John MD.