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Alternative Remedies For Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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When you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, you may feel like there is nothing that you can do to make your symptoms better. You may even have tried to use all of the treatment methods available through conventional medicine, much to no avail. However, what you probably haven't considered is the fact that alternative medicine offers options that can help relieve the pain, discomfort, and bloating associated with irritable bowel syndrome. All you need to do is get to know the options available to you for alternative irritable bowel remedies. Then, you can give them a try and see if these methods can help you with your IBS.


Acupuncture has long been used in Eastern alternative medicine to relieve many illnesses and ailments that affect the body, in particular chronic pain. The ancient Chinese tradition stems from the idea that the body is made up of conduits of flowing energies that connect all of the systems of the body together and keep the human body operating properly. 

Illnesses, pain, and other ailments occur when those energy conduits are out of balance, blocked, or disrupted in any way. To remedy this, an acupuncturist will insert small needles into energy hubs throughout your body. The needles work to restore proper energy flow and help the body to heal itself and relieve symptoms of chronic disorders.

For your IBS, this means accessing some acupuncture points on the abdomen, but actually focuses primarily on points along the forearm and the legs. Because the body is so interconnected, points on the legs and arms are associated with spleen, liver, and intestinal health, and can help to relieve pain and bloating associated with IBS. 

Herbal Remedies

Another alternative remedy for IBS that can help relieve your discomfort and stomach upset is the use of herbal treatments. Herbs have long been thought to have extensive health benefits, whether incorporated into food and drink or taken as dietary supplements.

In the case of your IBS, one of the best herbs to use is peppermint. Peppermint is known to have a soothing effect on the digestive system, particularly the colon. Drinking a cup of peppermint tea when your symptoms flare up can help to sooth and calm your digestive tract. However, taking a peppermint supplement is not recommended as concentrated doses can cause other health issues including heartburn. 

Other herbs that can help with your IBS include ginger, chamomile, and oregano. Ginger or chamomile tea would be a good alternative to peppermint teas if you are not a fan. Ginger and oregano can also easily be incorporated into many recipes if you prefer to get your nutrients as a part of your regular diet. 

As you can see, irritable bowel syndrome remedies can be found outside of the realm of conventional medicine. While you may feel you have exhausted all conventional options, do not discount the power of alternative medicine to provide you with viable solutions to your worst IBS symptoms.