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3 Tips For Applying Makeup When You Have Acne

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If you suffer from acne, makeup can definitely enhance your best features and help you to feel better about yourself. It can also help to cover up your acne, allowing you to feel beautiful. And since it is important for every single girl to feel beautiful, taking the time to learn some tips for applying makeup with acne is definitely worth your time.

This article will talk about 3 of these makeup applying tips in detail:

Spread Foundation Evenly

The first tip is to spread your foundation evenly over your entire face. You don't want to put an increased amount of foundation on your bumps, redness, and/or blemishes because this will simply make your skin look orange in these areas.

This orange color will add more attention to these areas, and will leave your skin looking discolored. The key is going to be to start off with an even layer of foundation, and then worry about hiding your redness, blemishes, and/or bumps later.

Use Concealer For Spot Treatment

Once you are done applying your foundation, it is then time to use a concealer on your face. This concealer will act as a spot treatment and will only be used on the areas of your face that have redness, bumps, blemishes, dark circles, or any imperfection in your skin that you may feel self conscious about.

Your concealer should match the color of your skin well, and should blend in so that it does not look at all discolored. This concealer can be placed on a bit thick if you have a large blemish, but make sure that you put it on that entire area of your face and blend it well, so that all of your skin has an even tone to it.

Use Blush and Bronzer Last

Finally, once you have applied both your foundation and your concealer, it is time to add your blush and bronzer. It is important that you put these on your face last because they will seal your makeup into place, and will add color in all of the right areas. Your blush will make your cheeks look nice and pink, and will distract from any blemishes on your face. Your bronzer will also give you a nice sun tanned looked, and can contour the edges of your face and cheekbones. Bronzer is also a great tool for concealing blemishes when used on top of a concealer.

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