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The Three Main Benefits Of Aquatic Therapy

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If you have any illness and are recovering from surgery or other treatments, you may find that aquatic therapy is the best way to regain your strength and mobility. Since water contains many healing properties, it is one of the best approved physical therapies. Keep in mind that you don't even have to know how to swim in order to use this therapy treatment option. Here are the three main benefits of aquatic therapy to keep in mind:

  1. Increase Joint Flexibility: Aquatic therapy is a great way to increase joint flexibility. This is because being in the water reduces the amount of strain put on your joints by the force of gravity, which allows you to gain a wider range of joint motion. The area of your body which is recovering will then become less painful to move, which allows you to have more control over the way in which you want to move it. The best part is that aquatic therapy uses warmer water to help provide some relief to any inflamed joints. 
  2. Improve Muscle Strength: When you want to improve muscle strength in the areas of your body that have been recovering for some time, you may find that aquatic therapy is the best way to do this. For muscles that are still recovering, you won't be able to use weights right away without experiencing any pain. Since the warm water helps to reduce the amount of pain that you experience and the water reduces the pressure of gravity, you will find that gaining muscle strength isn't so painful. The reason aquatic therapy works to help you gain muscle strength is because water is resistant to rapid movements, so when you move your body forcefully in the water, your muscles have to work harder to move through the increased resistance, which is much stronger than air. 
  3. Improve Balance: Finally, the last main benefit of aquatic therapy is that it helps to improve balance, which is helpful if your injury happened to your leg and you need to regain normal balance once you can walk on both legs once again. Since the water provides support for your body, it allows you to practice without the fear of falling down, which is what helps you to gain your sense of balance quickly. 

By knowing the main benefits of aquatic therapy, you can better understand why it may be a useful physical therapy technique for you. For more information, contact a local clinic like Advanced Physical Therapy.