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3 Questions You Have About Breast Augmentation & Breastfeeding

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While breastfeeding works like a dream for many women, others struggle even with natural breasts. Throwing breast augmentation into the mix may raise some concern for expectant mothers who are considering breastfeeding. If you are wondering about your own chances of breastfeeding with implants, it may be time to ask some of these questions.

Will the size and shape of my breasts change after pregnancy and breastfeeding?

This is not really something a doctor can predict, but cosmetic surgeons do stress that women with smaller breasts tend to see fewer changes in their shape. Elasticity and skin quality also influence the shape of the breasts, though the implant itself always remains unchanged. It is only the surrounding tissue that changes shape.

How soon after breast augmentation should a woman get pregnant or breastfeed?

Women should wait at least six months to get pregnant after having breast augmentation. This gives the body time to settle, though recovery does vary from one woman to another. Talk to your surgeon about pregnancy if having children is in your near future.

Will breast implants affect the supply of breast milk?

Generally, a reputable surgeon ensures that the milk ducts and nerves remain intact. Additionally, even women who have never had breast augmentation may struggle with milk supply. Sources suggest that women who already had tubular-shaped breasts, breasts with more than 1.5 inches between them or asymmetrical breasts may be at higher risk for low milk production. This risk is still present, even after a woman has the surgery.

Ultimately, the way the surgeon chooses to make the incision will determine whether or not milk production is affected. Incisions on or around the areola of the nipple are considered more aesthetically pleasing; however, this also results in a duller nerve response that can reduce the flow of milk.

Is it safe to breastfeed with breast implants?

Modern implants do not leak and are not toxic. High-quality implants remain solid and do not leak, even if there is a rupture (which would be very uncommon). There is no worry that your child will be drinking saline or silicone because the implant sticks together rather than leaks out.

The consensus is that woman can still breastfeed after they have breast implants, so long as the surgeon knows of your plans ahead of time and ensures not to make the incision in a poor location. It is always wise to speak with your surgeon about your wishes before undergoing cosmetic surgery.