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Contact Lens Techniques For The Squeamish

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If you are going to be getting contacts for the first time and you have a fear of touching your eyes, then you are going to have a harder time getting used to putting them in and taking them out. The good news is, you can get past that fear and get very good at dealing with your contacts with a little bit of practice. There are some techniques you can use to make it much easier for you to deal with your contacts when you can't stand touching your eyes.

Soak the contact lenses

One of the things you can do that makes it a lot easier to put the contacts in is to add a good amount of solution to them. When you add a lot of the solution, it will help the contacts to attach before your fingers actually touch your eyes. You do want to make sure you bend your head all the way forward to put them in so the solution doesn't drip out when you raise the contact.

Open your eye as wide as possible

If you don't like to touch your eye, then you are going to blink and cause the contacts to not go in. An easy way to put them in is to take your non-dominant hand and use your thumb and middle finger to pull your top eyelid up and your bottom one down. Now you can put your contact in on the first try.

Do not look directly at the contact

One of the things you can do that makes it much harder to get the contact in is to look straight ahead while you are putting it in. If you are looking right at your finger and the contact, then it's going to be nerve wracking for you to touch your eye. By looking slightly up, you'll find it much easier to put it in. The contact will self-correct once it is in your eye so it will make it to the right spot.

Pinch the lenses to remove them

An easy method of removing the lenses is to hold your eyelids open using the same method for putting the lenses in and pinch the contact with the thumb and middle finger of your other hand. When you feel the contact pop out, hold it with your fingers and put it in its case.

These tips should make it easier for you to wear contact lenses when you are someone who has a hard time with touching your eyes. Contact an eye doctor at The Eye Center for more tips.