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Women And Testosterone Therapy: What You Need To Know

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While lowered testosterone is often associated with aging for men, some women also experience a drop in testosterone that can have specific health effects. Testosterone is sometimes included as part of a midlife hormone replacement treatment and for women who have an unnaturally low level of testosterone. Before you consider this supplement, you will need to understand the benefits and the risks.

Natural Testosterone Production

The ovaries produce testosterone throughout a woman's life, but produce a lower quantity of testosterone after menopause. Women who have had their ovaries removed have lowered levels of testosterone. Also, women who are on birth control pills have lowered levels of testosterone.

Sexual Desire

Lower levels of testosterone can affect a woman's sexual desire. Patches that deliver small amounts of testosterone can increase sexual desire and increase the frequency in which women desire sex.

Motivation, Fatigue And Mental Fog

Women with less testosterone feel less motivation and are more easily fatigued. Low testosterone can especially cause mental fog. You might feel depressed until you are placed on a testosterone treatment program.

Bone Density

If you use testosterone hormones, your bones will be more dense. Therefore, it can serve as an added protection against osteoporosis along with consuming vitamin D and calcium.

Your Pain Response

One of the side effects of birth control is that it is more difficult to manage your pain response. However, by taking testosterone hormones, you will be better able to manage your pain sensations.

Weight Gain

Testosterone may also help women who are suffering from weight gain, especially women who take birth control or who have experienced menopause.

Side Effects

Testosterone is best taken by women as a recommendation from a doctor. The hormone can have undesirable side effects and should not be taken by women who are pregnant, have heart disease, liver disease or breast or uterine cancer. Fortunately, the side effects of testosterone are minor if you ingest the hormones as directed. Also, a lot of the side effects subside after you have taken the medication for a certain period.

Compounding Pharmacies

Given that there are no medications prescribed specifically for women, doctors who prescribe medications must use compounding pharmacies that create supplements that contain much smaller doses of the supplement. However, as more women take testosterone supplements, there may be prescriptions created in the future specifically for women.

Exceeding The Dose

Severe side effects only result from exceeding the recommended dose. Too much testosterone can lead to hair loss, acne, facial hair and an enlarged clitoris. But when you follow your doctor's instructions, you will experience the benefits of testosterone without the harmful effects. Contact a doctor in your area, like ones from Central Iowa OB/Gyn Specialists, PLC, for more information on receiving hormones.