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Five Little Habits You Can Get Into To Fortify Your Marriage

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Bad habits can ruin a marriage more effectively than any other factor. Simply fostering good habits between yourself and your spouse can help you fly out of a rut in your relationship and rekindle feelings of warmth and love. 

The following are five simple habits you can get into and keep up on a daily basis. These habits will make it easy to avoid conflict and fortify your relationship. 

Go out on a date night at least once a week

Spending a night together once a week doing something you both enjoy is a great way to make more good memories together.

Don't let your busy schedules allow you to overlook this simple habit that is important for spending quality time together. Make the time and it will pay off for your marriage in the long run. 

Always listen

Married couples who have been together a long time often get into the bad habit of letting their attention stray when they're talking to their spouse. This is the cause of a large portion of arguments between spouses. If you're not listening, it seems like you don't care. 

Listen when your spouse speaks and offer constructive input when he or she asks for it.

Be encouraging

Encouragement is often challenging for some couples, especially when spouses have very different interests. However, an important function of being in a marriage is encouraging one another and doing what you can to help your spouse reach his or her goals.

Make a conscious effort to avoid negativity when your spouse is talking about an interest or a goal. Be positive and you'll probably find that you are more successful both as individuals and as a couple. 


One of the best ways to foster warm feelings with another person is to reminisce about good times you've had together. 

When you think of a good memory between the two of you, don't hesitate to share it. 

Make sure you're treating your spouse better than you treat all the other people in your life

Jealousy develops between spouses when they begin valuing other people over their husband or wife. This is an especially common problem when spouses begin overlooking their spouse's wishes in preference of their children.

It should always be clear that your spouse is the most important person in your life. Don't let other family members or friends take precedence over your spouse if you really want to show your devotion to your marriage.

If you need help in implementing any of these in your relationship, don't be afraid to suggest and use couples counseling to improve things.