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Recovering From A Fractured Wrist? 4 Ways You Can Speed Up Your Healing

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If you fractured your wrist and the splint or cast has been taken off, your wrist may still take some time to completely heal. Your doctor may send you to physical therapy to help with this, but you can also do some things on your own to help speed up your recovery time, four of which are listed below.

Massage the Soft Tissue

Massage the soft tissue around the fractured bone in your wrist. This can be a great help because the massage helps increase your blood circulation and flow. This also helps increase the flow of nutrients that the bone needs.

Rub some lotion over your wrist area, and then use your fingers to gently massage in a circular motion around the fracture area. Do not massage directly on the bone so you do not cause more injury. Start pressing down a little bit as you massage and keep going until you start to feel pain. Once you do feel pain, then do not put as much pressure while you are massaging.

Add More Protein to Your Diet

The bones in your body are made of living collagen, which is a protein, and calcium phosphate. When you fracture the bone, your body collects collagen from other areas of your body to help create a new bone. You can help your body by adding more protein to your diet. Eat some Greek yogurt and add more meat to your diet. Shrimp and fish are great sources of protein, as well as pork loin, turkey breast, lamb, and beef.

Use Heat

Applying heat to the fractured area can help speed up your recovery because the heat increases your blood circulation in that area. You can simply soak your wrist in hot water until the water cools down. You can also use a wheat bag or soak a small towel in hot water and then place the towel over your wrist.  Do this three or four times per day until you complete your recovery.

Take Vitamins

There are also vitamins that will promote bone healing. Vitamin D helps your bones absorb calcium and will help stimulate stem cells to the site of your fracture to help build bone tissue. Vitamin K helps bind calcium to your bones, and vitamin B6 helps regulate the effect of vitamin K. For this reason, make sure you take vitamin B6 if you take vitamin K.

Talk with your doctor before incorporating any of the above tips to ensure they will be okay for you. They can also give you many more tips on fracture treatment and how to recover more quickly.