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Find Out If Your Child Is Taking Drugs

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If your child has changed their behavior a lot lately, you may be worried about what is going on in their lives. There are several things that could cause changes in behavior or in their social circle. One of those things is illegal drugs. It can be hard to figure out if your child is on drugs or what drugs they are taking. If this is a serious worry, then there are some ways that you can get to the root of the issue. 

Search Their Rooms

You may not want to invade your child's privacy, but if they are indeed taking drugs, you are going to have to so that you can get them the help they are going to need. Instead of looking in all the predictable places like drawers, recommends looking in small innocuous items like soda cans or writing utensils. Other places can include a hollowed out part of their bed frame or box spring. You can also check in places like the spines of books. Some books, when opened, will have just enough space in between the spine of the book and the cover to slide a small bag full of pills or marijuana into. If they have an attached bathroom, look all around the tank of the toilet as well. Some drug users like to keep their stash in the bathroom since they can quickly flush or rinse the drug done the drain if they are likely to be discovered.

TryDrug Testing

Your child may not comply to do drug testing, but there are some different ways that you can get it done. One is that you could test any substance that you find in your child's room. There are some at-home drug tests that you can use that will give you an idea as to what the substance is. You could also call the police, on their non-emergency line, and ask if they could come and test what you have found. Be aware that if you do it this way, your child may end up being arrested. You could also pay for a private lab to do the drug testing

If your child is willing to undergo testing, you can also buy an in-home drug testing kit. When you do that, your child is going to have to urinate in a cup. Most kits have their own uncontaminated specimen cups. Then you test their urine. Some tests have a number of strips that you dip into the urine to detect drugs. If you do have a positive reaction, some of the test kits work with a series of labs, and you can send the urine to the lab for further testing. If your child is taking drugs, they aren't likely to want to let you test them. You may have to give them an ultimatum in order to get it to happen. That ultimatum may be something like either they allow you to test them or you will call the police. 

Finding out your child is taking drugs may be heartbreaking, but it will let you get them the help they need.