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2 Ways That Dental Implants Can Help You

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One of the most useful dental devices that you can take advantage of is a dental implant, mostly because it can have quite a large effect on your quality of life. Listed below are two ways that dental implants can help you out.

Make Dentures Less Inconvenient To Wear

One of the biggest problems that dental implants can help you deal with is the inconvenience and irritation that often comes about from wearing dentures. Many individuals that wear dentures experience a lot of problems with the dentures moving around quite a bit throughout the day, particularly when they are trying to eat or speak. Not only can this movement make the aforementioned activities difficult and potentially embarrassing, it can also cause pain when the moving dentures scratch or rub a section of your gums raw. 

However, dental implants can eliminate much of this movement by providing anchor points for your dentures. This is accomplished by placing dental implants that have a small ball at the top of the implant. These balls are meant to click into place within the sockets on the underside of your dentures to provide a strong and stable connection that will keep the dentures from slipping around. 

Prevent Bone Deterioration

Another problem that dental implants can assist with is preventing the bone structure that makes up your jaw from deteriorating or degrading over time. When you lose teeth, this will weaken your jawbone as the jawbone is no longer receiving stimulation from those teeth whenever you speak or chew.

Since the jawbone is not receiving stimulation, the bone in the area near the missing teeth will start to weaken and deteriorate, which can lead to a different shape to your jawbone and facial structure. If enough of your teeth are lost, then you can find that your entire facial structure and appearance is affected.

However, dental implants can help you stop this issue as the implants will actually extend down and fuse with your jawbone. This will allow stimulation to be provided by the implants in the same way that it is provided by your natural teeth. This stimulation can actually encourage bone growth and strength, which can allow you to reverse the damage caused by your missing teeth and prevent further damage.

Contact a dentist (like Bruce Mathes DDS) in order to discuss whether dental implants would be a good fit for your particular situation. Dental implants are a great way to make dentures easier to wear and prevent jawbone deterioration.