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Coping with Bladder Issues: What to Do About Urinary Incontinence

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Have you recently started to experience bladder issues? You may be urinating more often and struggling to hold it in when you are unable to get to a bathroom right away. It is normal to feel the need to urinate after drinking something, especially if you have had water, but it is not necessarily normal to constantly have that feeling all day and night. You might feel frustrated and worry that you will have an accident while at work, at school, or out with friends. In that case, it is important to take precautionary measures and see a doctor as well.

Keep Yourself Protected: Using Pads and Bladder-Control Underwear

If you have concerns about having an accident while you are out, it is a good idea to wear pads or bladder-control underwear as a precautionary measure until you can visit a physician to find out more about what is causing this issue to occur. Incontinence underwear was once extremely bulky and looked a lot like a diaper for adults. However, there are now many different styles of incontinence underwear, many of which will look and feel similar to the underwear you would normally wear. Both disposable and washable options are available as well.

Visit the Physician: Figuring Out the Cause of Your Bladder Issues

Bladder-control issues can occur for several reasons, so it is important to see a doctor who can run the right tests to figure out what may be causing this problem for you. Some of the tests may include a pelvic ultrasound and urodynamic testing, which involves the use of a catheter. The ultimate goal is to find out what could be going on with your body. Some of the different causes of bladder issues include urinary tract infections, endometriosis, and possibly even cancer. Some women have weakened bladders after giving birth and during menopause.

It is for that reason it is best to undergo an evaluation so that the physician can provide a diagnosis and offer some treatment options. In many instances, the physician would prescribe a medication designed to help you hold your urine in a bit longer instead of having to constantly run to the bathroom every few minutes. The physician may suggest dietary changes and kegel exercises as part of your treatment plan as well.

Bladder issues can cause both women and men to feel stressed out and insecure. If you are feeling this way, you may want to consider wearing incontinence underwear and visiting a physician. Treatment options are available for those who are suffering, so it may be possible for you to overcome this issue in the near future.

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