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Bunions And Athletes: Getting Surgery For This Problematic Condition

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Bunions are a painful foot situation that typically occur on the big toe and cause it to be difficult to walk. Some athletes with bunions try to get around it by playing through the pain, but this is a serious mistake. They could be dooming their athletic career by avoiding surgical options.

Athletes Can Play Through Bunion Pain – But It's Not Wise

Athletes are often very strong people who deal with pain on a regular basis. As a result, it is possible that some could feel the need to "play through" their bunion pain or to use simple treatment methods such as taping or shoe inserts to manage the problem. For those who don't heavily exercise in a competitive way, these treatments may be enough to manage bunions.

Unfortunately, those who are athletes with bunions may be putting their feet at risk by playing heavy sports in this way. While it is possible to "play through the pain" with simple pain management techniques, it opens them up to the potentiality of infected bunions.

Infections Can Occur In Untreated Bunions

While it is possible for athletes to continue playing sports on bunions by using taping and other methods to counteract it, they may be doing themselves a serious disservice. Bunions have a way of breaking apart when people walk on the affected foot. This can cause the bunion to be exposed to the elements and even let in problematic bacteria.

As a result, bunions can be infected and cause a variety of health problems. Infections spreading through the foot can make surgery necessary and even result in minor or severe amputations. Missing part of the foot in this way could seriously impact or even end an athlete's career. That's why it is so crucial to get bunions operated on when a person plays sports.

When Surgery Is Necessary

For those who have bunions and who play sports, surgery is a powerful way to help restore their ability to compete. Bunion surgery is an outpatient procedure that typically takes no more than an hour or so to finish. Bunion surgery requires realigning the soft tissues of the affected toe, making small cuts in the bone, removing bone (if necessary), and resetting the bone or fusing it.

Those who are heavily affected by bunions, or who have let them spiral out-of-control, may require the insertion of an implant to replace the affected joint. This is especially true of athletes who played on the bunion and who suffered from severe pain caused by a worsening of the condition.

There's no reason to let this problem get to that point. Bunion treatment begins by getting off the feet and seeing a doctor, such as Richard Moy DPY INC, right away. They will assess the situation and find a way to improve it, either using non-surgical or surgical needs. It may be hard not to compete for awhile, but it is necessary for recovery.