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Three Symptoms That Warrant Immediate Emergency Medical Treatment

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Sometimes you might feel a bit sick and feel that you can just ride it out. Maybe you have an upset stomach, or some lower back pain, and don't want to trouble yourself by going to the emergency room. While that is often a fine attitude, it can also be a dangerous one. There are certain symptoms that can signal serious illness that, if not treated in time, can end up causing you serious problems. So, it is important to not delay and put off going to the hospital. It's better to be prudent and go ahead and check out what is wrong and not try to suffer through the pain. With that said, here are three symptoms that require immediate attention and should send you to the 24/7 emergency room.

Sever Pain In Your Abdomen

If you have pain in your abdomen that is beyond normal gas pain, you need to be aware that you might have appendicitis. The worry here is that if you don't get it treated fast, your appendix could rupture. If that does occur, then you could be in a great deal of danger. A ruptured appendix will flood your body with toxins and could even cause death. This is why you cannot ignore a severe pain in your appendix. Take heed and immediately head to the doctor's office and have them examine you. If your appendix is the issue, you will need the doctor to perform an emergency appendectomy which will solve the problem.

Severe Stiff Neck

If you're neck is really stiff and you have pain when you bend your head it might just be that you slept poorly, but it could also be a case of meningitis. This is a bacterial disease that can ravage the brain and cause long term damage, even death. There are other symptoms that often accompany a stiff neck that are even more of a potential problem. These include sensitivity to light. If these symptoms are found together, you need to immediately head to an emergency room. You want the doctors to run tests and see is there is a problem. If the doctors do detect meningitis, they can administer the correct drugs to save your life.

Slurred Speech or Difficulty Choosing Words

Any difficulty speaking, be it slurred speech or a problem choosing what words to say, can be a sign of a stroke. The part of the brain that is responsible for speech might have been impacted due to a stroke. If this is the case, you need to seek out immediate help. The doctor can run tests to determine if there was a stoke, or if there was some other issue that is causing difficulty with your speech.

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