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3 Items To Stock In Your Hospital's Convenience Store

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People who find themselves in a hospital setting for a prolonged period of time often cannot leave their loved ones to go in search of items they may need. In order to better meet the needs of patients and their guests, many hospitals are equipped with convenience stores. Determining what to stock in your hospital's convenience store can be a challenge. You want to provide useful items while ensuring that you aren't left with unsold inventory.

Here are three items you can stock in your hospital's convenience store that are sure to be popular sellers in the future.

1. Books and Magazines

Individuals who are waiting for a loved one to get out of surgery or complete intensive medical testing can find themselves sitting in waiting rooms for an extended period of time. Having access to something that will provide entertainment can be beneficial in helping the time pass by faster for these waiting individuals.

By selling books and magazines in your hospital's convenience store, you ensure that your patients and guests will be able to access forms of entertainment that will be engaging, but remain quiet so that other visitors are not disturbed.

2. Personal Hygiene Kits

If an individual is not planning on spending the night at the hospital, but their loved one is admitted unexpectedly, these guests will likely find themselves without access to important toiletries.

The hospital will provide the patient with items like toothpaste, a toothbrush, and soap, but their loved ones can be left without access to these hygiene items. Selling personal hygiene kits in your hospital's convenience store allows guests to gain access to the toiletries they need to make their visit more comfortable.

3. Microwaveable Food Items

The cafeteria services in most hospitals are not available around-the-clock, making it challenging for visitors who need to eat something of substance to locate a meal.

Opting to sell microwaveable food items in your hospital's convenience store lets visitors utilize the microwaves in the cafeteria to cook a hot meal that will be more filling than the items that could be purchased from a vending machine.

Stocking your hospital's convenience store with the right items is critical when it comes to ensuring profitability and visitor comfort. Consider adding books and magazines, personal hygiene kits, and microwaveable food items to your store's shelves in order to ensure that your inventory meets the needs of both the hospital and its guests in the future. Talk to a place like Instant Inventory Service to see what else might be available as well.