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Forms Of Medical Marijuana You Should Know About

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If you have been giving the go-ahead from your doctor to start medical marijuana treatment, there are a few things you should know. The misconception is that the treatment only comes in smoking forms. The truth is, there are many forms for medicinal use and available at medical dispensaries. Here are a few of those forms and what to know about each one.

Vaping Options 

The most common option for many medical marijuana patients is to use a vaping version. These versions are either in liquid, oil, or dry herb form. If they are in a liquid or oil form, they can be used with a standard vaping mod similar to those you would find for tobacco alternatives. The vape is inhaled into the lungs, usually with a mouth to lung inhaling method, and exhaled through the mouth. If it is in dry herb form, it can be placed in a special handheld vaporizer or in a vaporizer machine that fills the area with the vapor. The vapor is then inhaled and exhaled to receive the full benefits of the medicine.

Edible Options

If you do not want to attempt a vapor version of the medical marijuana, you can choose to opt for an edible option. The edible options are generally food products such as energy bars, baked goods, and candies. The food products containing certain milligrams of the edible medical marijuana are ingested, and the medicine is distributed into the system. These edibles can take longer to take effect than the vapor counterpart, but they still deliver the dosage of marijuana needed for the medical treatment.

Food Additives

Food additives are available in a common form of a liquid drop. The drops are added directly into foods. Most commonly the drops are added by a specific dosage amount into drinks and smoothies. This is an ideal option if you have digestive issues or have to take a liquid diet due to your medical issues. The drops can also be placed in protein shakes and in fluids designed to deliver other nutrients to the body for people having issues with weight gain or with nutrient absorption.

These are just a few of the forms that medical marijuana is available in. If you aren't sure what option may be right for you, discuss the options with your dispensary. They can help you and give you tips on the best methods for your needs and issues. They can also help you with pricing when applicable.