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How Robotic-Arm-Assisted Knee Surgery Helps Prevent Excess Revision Treatments

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Knee replacement surgery is an important procedure for those with severe knee injuries because it can ensure that their legs are stable and strong. Unfortunately, there is a chance that this surgery may require follow up care or revisions to the initial surgery that may be costly. Thankfully, robotic-arm-assisted surgery can ensure that these revisions need not occur.

Follow-Ups to Knee Replacement May Be Costly

Knee replacement surgery is a lengthy process that requires a lot of careful precision and proper execution. However, some individuals may find that even a properly executed surgery ends up requiring revisions later on to keep the knee strong. These revisions often require extensive repair procedures that take more time than the first type and can be upsetting to many to handle.

As a result, it is usually a better idea to take the time to get more accurate and detailed surgery from a professional designed to handle these steps. For example, robotic-arm-assisted knee surgery is often a great step for those getting their first replacement. In many ways, it can stop a person from having to get revisions to their surgery and stop further injuries from occurring.

How Robotic-Arm-Assisted Surgery Helps

Robotic-arm-assisted knee surgery utilizes a precise arm that allows surgeons to make very careful adjustments to a person's knee. Just as importantly, these arms can work in very minute ways that may be hard for a person to do with their hands. This benefit is crucial because it helps to decrease the potential that a person even needs to get revision surgery after their initial replacement.

In one study, it was found that people who got this type of surgery over non-assisted types were much less likely to get revision surgery. As a result, their recovery time decreased and their cost assessment went down. Thankfully, this resulted in patients paying less money than they would have with the revisions and ensuring that their insurance doesn't run into any complications with their care.

Thankfully, insurance companies usually pay for this type of care if they deem that it is necessary for the treatment of a knee injury. Often, they require that the surgeon writes a note explaining why this procedure is necessary over the most basic type of knee replacement. And thankfully, it's usually a process that takes the same amount of time as a normal replacement surgery, meaning that a patient can be in and out of surgery relatively quickly.