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How To Recover After Your Neck Lift Surgery

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The appearance of your neck can change over time as a result of gravity, sunlight, and other stresses. When this happens, one way to improve the appearance of your neck is to undergo a neck lift. But like with all forms of plastic surgery, your odds of a successful recovery depend a great deal on how you respond to the surgery during the recovery process.

Why Neck Lifts Are a Good Option

A neck lift is often the fastest way to improve the appearance of your neck. It is an outpatient procedure and does not require multiple sessions like with non-surgical methods. It is ideal for those who have good skin tone but have excess fat and loose skin. 

Downtime for Neck Lift Surgery

After the surgery, you will usually need a few weeks of downtime. This depends on how healthy you are and the type of surgery you are receiving. Make sure to consult with your neck lift surgeon about what you should do as you recover from your surgery.

The general anesthesia you are placed under will probably make you feel nauseous for a few hours. You will need to also take pain medications after your surgery. Neck lift surgery doesn't usually result in severe pain but your pain medications can eliminate any pain that you do experience. The most you might experience is pressure or a dull ache. However, if your pain is more severe than this, you'll want to bring it up to your neck lift surgeon.

How to Take Care of Your Neck

Your doctor might encourage you to wear a chin strap or might simply ask you to wear bandages. In addition to stitches, you might have a tube underneath your chin that will be used to drain fluids. You will have an appointment scheduled and will have the tube removed and the bandages changed during the appointment.

Mistakes to Avoid

The incisions will need to be protected. Make sure to not take hot showers and do not wear a shirt that you have to pull over your head. Try to avoid strenuous activities. Most importantly, do not apply ice to the area where your surgery was performed because you can potentially damage your skin. 

As you recover from your neck surgery, you will begin to see the results of your neck lift. In most cases, the neck lift will help you achieve the results you want without the consequences of other treatments.

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