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Tips For Maintaining Your Hearing Aid

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Hearing loss can occur due to aging, injury to ear parts, and ear infections. Fortunately, hearing aids can improve your hearing significantly, improving the quality of your life. However, once your ear doctor prescribes a hearing aid, you need to maintain it accordingly. Proper hearing aid maintenance ensures that your device works well and lasts longer. Here are valuable tips for maintaining your hearing device.

Avoid Exposing Your Hearing Device to Moisture

Hearing aids contain electric parts such as wiring and sound transmitters. Therefore, if you expose your hearing device to moisture, these electrical parts may get damaged, and you will need a new device. In this regard, keep your hearing device away from moisture. Be sure to remove your hearing device before bathing or swimming to avoid water damage. If the hearing device gets wet accidentally, dry it with a dry cloth or towel. Avoid using a hairdryer for drying as the heat may cause internal components to melt. Alternatively, you can get a waterproof hearing device that's resistant to water damage.

Store Your Hearing Aid Properly

You need to store your hearing device correctly to avoid damage. If you leave your hearing device lying around your home, pets and children may carelessly handle the device, resulting in damage. Hearing aid repairs can be costly, and you may go for some time without a hearing device while professionals perform the repairs. In another case, you may lose your device and may require a replacement. Hence, store your hearing aid in a case or box and place them in a drawer. Safe storage prevents damage and loss of your hearing aid.

Remove Earwax From Your Hearing Device Regularly

Hearing aids, especially in-the-ear styles, are prone to ear wax accumulation as you place the devices inside the ear. The wax may block the device, interfering with sound transmission. Thus, you need to regularly remove earwax from your hearing aid to maintain good sound quality. Moreover, you can schedule professional cleaning sessions where professionals clean your wax guards and filters thoroughly.

Take Care of the Batteries

Proper hearing aid maintenance also entails caring for the batteries that power your hearing device. To begin with, always turn off your hearing device when not in use to prevent the batteries from draining. Open the battery case when your device is off to prevent moisture accumulation. Additionally, replace the batteries often. Establish how long your batteries last and create a battery replacement schedule. This prevents hearing interruptions due to dead batteries.

The common hearing aid maintenance tips include storing your hearing device properly, taking care of your batteries, removing earwax from your hearing device and protecting your device against moisture. Consider these tips for proper maintenance of your hearing aid.