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Achilles Tendon Tears: How At-Home Hyperbaric Chambers May Help

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Achilles tendon tears are very painful conditions that may affect a person's life long after recovery. However, there are many ways that people can overcome this problem without worsening their condition. The best way to handle this process is to get high-quality surgery and then talk with a doctor about unique at-home treatment options like hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

At-Home Hyperbaric Chambers May Help People After Achilles Tears

Hyperbaric chambers provide a total-body immersion in an oxygen-rich environment. This unique treatment option has been carefully tested and confirmed over the years and can provide a broad range of different benefits that make it useful for people with Achilles tears. Just a few ways that this care option may work for people with this upsetting injury include how it can:

  • Provide Extra Oxygen: During the recovery process, the body needs oxygen more than ever to fully heal. Thankfully, hyperbaric chambers can provide that burst of oxygen that a person needs to recover. It will not only provide more oxygen for their lungs but for their bodily tissues as well, including their Achilles.
  • Speed Up The Healing Process: That extra oxygen infused into your body's tissues gives your immune system and your body the higher oxygen concentration that it needs to heal. This concentration can focus heavily on your Achilles tendon to create the long-lasting recovery help that an individual needs.
  • Minimize Lingering Pain Problems: Achilles tendon tears often come with years of painful aftereffects that may worsen as a person ages. These issues usually occur because their body wasn't given the chance to heal properly. Thankfully, hyperbaric chambers help by increasing the healing process and making recovery fuller.

People interested in this treatment program may find that an at-home chamber works the best. That's because they can follow their doctor's treatment suggestions more fully and minimize unnecessary travel. That's a huge benefit for those with an Achilles tear because it can prevent them from having to walk or drive their car to treatment appointments and minimize unnecessary tendon strain.

Utilizing This Treatment

People interested in this unique treatment option may want to talk to their doctor first to learn more. For example, they may discover that this care option is easily available to them thanks to their health insurance. They may also discover that this option is suited for people with their health type, including people with specific oxygen or blood problems that may complicate recovery.

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