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Should You Get Custom Orthotics For Your Foot And Joint Pain?

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Do you currently suffer from foot and joint pain and are considering orthotic inserts as a potential solution? Orthotic inserts can help with misalignment and imbalance as you come in contact with the ground by bringing your body back into alignment. Here is some information about custom orthotic inserts..

Why Standard Shoe Inserts Are Not Good Enough

Be aware that the standard insert that came with your shoes when you purchased them is not going to be good enough to protect you. The insert is very thin and flimsy and is only separating your body from the ground with a very thin layer of foam. It may feel comfortable compared to walking barefoot, but it does not offer many benefits other than that. 

As for those over-the-counter mass-produced shoe inserts, they can be slightly better than what came with your shoe but are still not good enough. They are not going to help you with misalignment issues, because they are essentially just replacing the default insert with a slightly better one. 

Why A Custom Shoe Insert Is The Better Choice

Think of a custom shoe insert like getting a custom-made suit. A suit off the rack may fit you decently, but a custom-made suit made by a tailor is going to fit your body perfectly. It's made specifically for your body, and it's going to look best on you. The same logic can be applied to a custom-made orthotic insert for your shoes. 

A custom orthotic is made by having you stand on a force plate. This actually measures how much pressure is being put on each part of your feet to determine how the custom orthotic insert should be made. You'll have various measurements taken, such as walking over a force plate naturally to see how the pressure on your foot changes when you walk. 

You'll then pick up your custom inserts, which can be placed into any shoes that you wear. It will take a short while for you to break in the insert, but you'll notice a difference with the pressure in your foot being redistributed. It will help alleviate any foot and joint pain that you are experiencing, prevent ulcers from forming on your feet, and help you if you are on your feet all day for your job. 

Reach out to an orthotics specialist in your area for help making a custom insert for your shoes. Click here to learn more about custom orthotics.