Getting Older? Tips To Keep Wrinkles Away

You could wake up one morning and see some small faint lines that were not there when you went to bed. This is because wrinkles can be sneaky, and before you know it those lines increase. Even though you cannot stop the inevitable, you can ward off wrinkles as long as you can. Below are […]

Yoga And Meditation Can Improve Your Physical Health And Save Money On Doctor Visits

You’ve probably always heard that an apple a day can keep the doctor away, but what if there was something else out there that way the same way? According to research, daily meditation may be able to significantly reduce your visits to the doctor, build resiliency and reduce stress. In this study, research showed that […]

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Feed Your Man: 5 Foods Men Can Eat To Improve Sex

If your sex life has hit a rough patch, it can be very damaging on your relationship. If the problem appears to be with the man being unable to keep it up long enough, not having firm erection or anything of the sort, it is possible to save sex before it is too late and […]

Contact Lens Techniques For The Squeamish

If you are going to be getting contacts for the first time and you have a fear of touching your eyes, then you are going to have a harder time getting used to putting them in and taking them out. The good news is, you can get past that fear and get very good at […]

The Difference In Adults And Adolescents Wearing A Brace For Scoliosis

A back brace is used in scoliosis treatment and can be coupled with surgery or used in place of surgery, depending on the patient’s circumstances. Age of the individual and severity of scoliosis all play a role in determining how the back brace is used in therapy. Take a look at how these factors will […]

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Signs That You May Need Hearing Aids

Hearing loss can happen at such a gradual rate that it can be hard to tell you may have a problem. If you are at a higher risk for hearing loss, such as if it runs in your family or if you are elderly, you want to pay close attention and look for signs that […]

Natural And Alternative Therapies For Arthritis

If you have arthritis, your rheumatologist may recommend natural or alternative treatments in conjunction with your regular medication and physical therapy. There are lots of different options for further relief of your symptoms. Talk to your doctor before seeking any additional treatments. The following therapies can help soothe your arthritis and don’t require a prescription […]

2 Differences Between CT Scans And MRIs

Doctors often use computerized tomography (CT) scans and magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs) to diagnose internal problems with the body. If your doctor is considering either of these tests (or both), you may want to know what the differences are. Here are two key differences between these two common types of tests. Their Uses While both […]

Alternative Treatments To Help Ease Asthma Symptoms

Asthma sufferers know all too well the feeling of panic when their airways constrict and breathing becomes difficult. Studies have found that alternative therapies, while not a replacement for conventional medications, can help prevent and lessen the number of acute asthma attacks in many patients. Yoga In the practice of yoga, breathing is extremely important. […]

3 Questions You Have About Breast Augmentation & Breastfeeding

While breastfeeding works like a dream for many women, others struggle even with natural breasts. Throwing breast augmentation into the mix may raise some concern for expectant mothers who are considering breastfeeding. If you are wondering about your own chances of breastfeeding with implants, it may be time to ask some of these questions. Will […]

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